Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ha! Just found this blog I set up and kept updated briefly a while ago. Reminds me of getting a diary at Christmas with good intentions, and forgetting all about it after the holidays when back at school/college/uni/work. Yup, it’s happened more than once.

So. Here I am, buying a new diary, as it were. I actually bought a diary at Christmas to help organise my various hospital appointments, etc and to keep track of my son’s school holidays. I tried using my Nokia – failed – you need to keep it charged and turned on. My PDA has similar faults, but due to it’s bigger on-screen keypad I’m using it rather than the Nokia with it’s doll-sized keypad. So far so good. Except for falling asleep and missing my pain clinic appointment … hmm.

OK, that’ll do for the wb post. ttfn

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Kill me now

Currently wiping on High Lord Whatshisface in Gruul's Lair. A boss we downed after 2 attempts last week we now are on try number eight - make that nine. Talk about bad luck :(

I wanna go SM - at least I'll get some lewt there!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Online Convenience

This pretty much sums up almost every shopping experience online. A bit like being on a quiz show being asked if you are sure of your answer all the time. Maybe a failed game show host turned web-dev wrote the shopping cart? Who knows?

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Armory

The Armory sucks - not particularly current is it? Wish it would update nightly - seems to be stuck in last week for me. One cool use of The Armory is Antiarc's WoW Armory Tools especially the sig image maker.

Only problem is, I should be a lot closer to 50K kills now, after all the ganking that goes on outside Karazhan. I don't start it, I hang around, pick up the kills and throw in the odd garrote or rupture :) Back to Karazhan tonight, but we are trying to down Shade so we miss out on the fun as we run around to the side door.

And so it begins

Just somewhere to post my ramblings to avoid messing up the forums of my guild. Here I am King, and answer only to the gods of t'interweb. Plus Lee can't edit/delete something he doesn't like :P

Here you will find random links, random moans and random bollocks. Enjoy.